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Foal Inspections!

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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a weanling warmblood filly, who is eligible for inspection/registration and or branding is multiple breed associations! However, I am seriously stumped as to where to find information on them or even to go about finding an inspection! Any sort of insight at all would be SO appreciated!

She's eligible for (if I remember correctly)




~Canadian Warmblood/American Warmblood Assoc.



Please correct me if I have gotten any of these things wrong! This is my first foray into 'breeding'/'babies'

Thanks again!


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RPSI travels all throughout the US and Canada and has MAAAAANY inspection sites...they are done with their keuring tour this year, so you'd have to get in on next year's inspection tour.

here is the link to the rpsi websites inspection tour info - the dates for farms tend to be similar every year so you can get a rough idea of where they will be inspecting, and when.

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