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Hello All! Update. "new" Horse, Pictures, Saddle Help.. :)

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How is everyone?! I havent posted on here in a while. Not sure whose going to remember me but I'll give a brief introduction to everyone.

I came on here in like 2004 I think? I had a bratty but udorable little palomino Morgan/Quarter Horse named Utah! He was a stinker but boy was he cute, and talented! He could jump anything but we butted heads hard. I started event training on him and had him for about 6 years before selling him to a friend who joy rode him.

While I still had Utah I bought Remmy, a palomino Appaloosa/ Quarter horse.. I had a big thing for palos if you cant tell :P He was my baby. Defiantly the horse made for me. We evented for the 4 years I owned him and rocked it! My Dad had me sell him to a nice young girl from my sisters school that learned to event on him.

I then got Birdie an OTTB that I was planning on making my upper level eventer. unfortunately she flipped on me and a nice older woman that wanted to just do some pleasure riding bought her and they love each other!

I then purchased my man Finn. Hes a 9 year old 17hh Hannoverian gelding that I bought last march. Hence why he is my "new" horse lol. I havent had a chance to get on here and introduce him to everyone but boy is he great! Definetely my new Remmy. We click so well and we have already taught each other so much in the 9 months Ive had him. Hes pretty much a big baby, loves to cuddle, begs for treats, gives you hugs.... and spooks at everything ;)

Im working on just giving him a lot of confidence under saddle because I plan on eventing with him this summer. Needless to say, I love having him and I am excited to see him progress!

I also wanted to ask for some saddle help.

Im looking for not a hunk of junk jump saddle. My budget is about $1,000. Used is more preferred than new. Finn has got some gnarly withers, but being the 17hh monster he is still requires something that wont pinch him. He has a more narrow shoulder but still is a bit more broad than the average horse. I'd love some help seeing as I'm having a hard time finding a saddle I trust! It also should be around 18" seeing as I am 5'9 with long legs.

Now enough of my blabboring, enjoy my boy!






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Hey! Nice to see you back! I remeber Remy actually, as I had a little event mare at the same time as you-Calla Lily (As was my name before)

As for the saddle fit...its very difficult to do this without actually seeing your's the same as calling your doctor, and having them listen to you cough over the phone and then asking them if you have lung cancer! It's a little difficult..

If you want to PM me, and fill me in on what area you are located in..I may be able to give you some more options...but if nothing else, please take a look at these videos! so many people think that all they need to worry about is wither height and gullet width...when in actually your most important things to worry about are whether or not your saddle bars are 'chipping' away at the cartilage around the scapula and if your saddle (self proclaimed 18inches- you probably need a female twist) length sits on his 18th rib, or bucking spot, can cause some serious twisting, SI problems and rotated vertebrae.

Either way, check these videos out and if you want more info, feel free to contact me!

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