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Hello Everyone

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Well im somewhat new to horsecity i had a account a long long time ago and i dont even know the name i was under so im starting new...

My name is Jessica i am a hairstylist and live in beautiful nevada. i have two horses widowmaker is my 9 year old bay mare and she is amazing she is mine and my fiances horse... SHe was his horse till we got engaged then she is now dule owned.. :winking: Wdowmaker is my new breakaway/barrel horse and my fiances team roping horse.. but he mainly rides bulls now.. lol

Then i Have my baby shasta I just got her today and she is a 2 year old mustang/morgan mare and i love her she is still little and i have a lot of work but im excited when she is all done...

Ill post pictures when i remeber how too...

so nice to be back on here with a horse loving community..

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