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Spanish Horses On Sale

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just read today in the international herald tribune that due to the economic disaster that IS spain, the majority of horses headed for the riding/driving horse sport market four years ago are now going to the horsemeat market :( . for a fraction of what they would have sold for four years ago. (18,000-25,000 euro 6 year old dressage prospects being sold to the kill buyers for 350 euro).

i just thought that i'd post this in case somebody is looking for a quality PRE at a bargain price. it will cost you to get it to the states, but i've done it the other way (lusitano imported from florida), and i still think that after you do the math the price/value relationship will be absolutely worth it.

my lusitano is the first baroque type horse i've ever owned (always had tbs, wbs and QHs), and all i can say is that i'm never going back. pleasant, atheletic, versatile, plenty of bone and beautiful.

google PRE breeders in spain for a list.

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