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Dry Rot On Saddle Skirting

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This saddle had a piece of leather riveted as a sturdy but unattractive make-do repair to the cinch rigging. When I popped the rivets to see what was going on underneath, I found the leather around the rivets had developed dry rot, weakening an area about the size of a silver dollar.

I'm new at this, but as I see it, my choices are:

A. Replace the whole skirt.

B. Cut away and replace the damaged part of the skirt, making the repair as tidy as possible.

C. Slap another patch over it with rivets, like before, but make a nicer job of it.

As this is the cinch rigging, safety is the main goal. Any ideas?

Here's the original repair:


Here's what was underneath:


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Personally I would replace that side of the skirt. Better safe than sorry! I have had the in skirt riggin on a saddle come apart before! Thank god that their wasnt a back cinch on when it went. Funny thing is it looked fine up until it snapped. So I may be a little gun shy about my riggin.

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