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Mother Hubbard

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Family friends came back from setting their (extremely elderly) mother's estate and brought me this as thanks for taking care of their dog while they were gone. It's in rough shape -- the leather is pebbly on the mochila, and a bit dry in the rigging/stirrups. I think the horn took was broken off at some point but it's been worn smooth as it is, so it's been worked that way for ages.

Based on the history of the family and their location, I'm thinking this was made by Newton Bros in Vernal Utah, somewhere in the 1870-1890s, though I haven't found a maker's mark yet to confirm that.

I cleaned it with Lexol Leather PH cleaner and when it dries, it'll get a light coat (or two or three) of pure neatsfoot oil before I top it with Lexol conditioner.

I haven't the skill to restore it. Any idea if there's a collector's market for this kind of saddle, in this rough shape?


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