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Help Pick A Name For Colt

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His barn name is Tuff but looking for a good registered name for him. Dam's name is Leos Chantilly Lace and sire's name is Sundance. I like referencing the pedigree when naming and would like to use something along the lines of Chanti's pedigree. Names in her pedigree are: The Executive, High hand, Sunny and Mild, Bright Eyes Brother,Dial Good, Dial Bright Too, Mighty Go Man, Stockbroker and Mighty Bright.

He looks identical to his mom and acts like her. LOVES the water already at 3 days old, very full of sass and personality like she was. he had a rough start because at 12 hours old he started acting very colicky and was impacted. Chanti had also retained the placenta about 8 hours then she wasn't letting her milk down so he went over 12 hours without being able to nurse. He had to have an enema and was force bottle fed to get colostrum down him once we realized her teats were closed. Now he's full of spunk and healthy.

As an idea here are some we have already thought of:

Chantillys Lucky Star

Chantillys Tuff Luck

Chantillys Tuff Enuff

Chantillys Lucky Draw

Chantillys Twice as Nice

Chantillys Lucky Image

Chantillys Copycat

Chantillys Lucky replica

Taylors Tuff Enuff

Chantillys Little Sidekick

Chantillys Good N Tuff

Tuff Little Brother

His yearling brother is a solid sorrel with a very sweet, people-loving disposition who we named Sundances Mighty Rebel.




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Awww, he's gorgeous!

I'm horrible with names. One that popped into my mind was Chantilly's Mighty Man or Mighty Tuff. I liked your name of Chantilly's Tuff Luck.

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...Leos Chantilly Lace, Sundance, The Executive, High Hand, Sunny and Mild, Bright Eyes Brother, Dial Good, Dial Bright Too, Mighty Go Man, Stockbroker, Mighty Bright...

Heza Tuff Executive

Tuffernell (tuffer n he!!)

Heza Tuff Stockbroker

Tuff Enuff

Executive Decision

Chantis (or Chantillys) Mighty Man

...all I've got right now. He's gorgeous, I love apps! :smilie:

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Is the sire's name just Sundance, or is that his barn name?

I also like to use names in the pedigree, but from both top and bottom

I have raised and shown Appaloosas for many years, and see that the dam has some well known horses in her pedigree. I love the Mighty Brights and our one Stallion was double Mighty Bright bred

Also knew a mare on the show circuit that I showed with, and her name was just Chantilly Lace.

Given only "Sundance' on the sire;s side, I guess one of my picks would be

Chantilly Sundance or Lacy Sundancer

Edited by Smilie

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