Should I Get This Horse?

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Hi, I'm a Novice-Intermediate Rider With 5 years of experience, I walk, trot, canter and can jump a good 2'9. I have a crazy standardbred and he can no longer be ridden, I have mainly ridden OTTB's my first lesson horse was a 15.2 hand pony then I moved up to a 17 hand OTTB, I rode her with much complication but I loved it. Now we are looking for a new horse. I'm currently In love with a 17 thoroughbred we found he is HUGE!!! Built Perfectly!!! So well balanced and just perfect, Hes my dream horse. He was never Raced. Hes 7 years old and his owner gave him a 6 on tempernment, His owner owned his parents ( They were raced) and had The horse since he was a born, He trained it, yet he is not finished. Jumping for 2-3 years and has been wonderful! He is the most confident htoroughred I have ever met in my life! You throw him at something and hes on it. My aunt does not like thoroughbreds and will not be happy if I get him, She lives right nextdoor and I will have to ride at her place everyday and will never hear the end of it. She does not like english riding or showing although her husband shows english and has an OTTB? It makes no sense.she only looks at some of the high strung TBs shes met and goes by that..She trail rides and has teneessee walkers and really I dont like them....She keeps looking at walkers for me and wont stop telling me how much she hates me getting this horse..Now my mom is begining to agree with her...My mother and Aunt have only seen me ride like 5 times...I love this horse. and I feel soo Safe on him..He is still some what green and will glance at things but Is something I feel safe handeling.

What does everyone think?? Good horse or should I get a walker or old Qaurter horse?

P.S. My event Trainer says hes to green, I left her barn. And my parents or aunt have never even seen pictures of this horse.

Thank you!

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