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What Would I Get If I Bred My Dunskin Mare To A Blue Roan?

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I have a 6 Yr. old dunskin mare and I'm looking to breed her. She's a very stocky built mare and she's beautiful. I was wondering some of the different colors I'd get if I mixed her with a blue roan?

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Hard to say what EXACTLY you're going to get, because there are many variables here. There are a number of online equine coat color calculators that are available. A lot will depend on the homozygous/heterozygous status on the Agouti and Extension gene for both sire and dam. You could--depending on the genetics--get everything from solid chestnut to buckskin roan to smokey black and everything in between.

The dunskin mare is essentially a bay mare (AA or Aa, and either EE or Ee) with a single creme modifier (making her buckskin) and a single dun factor.

The blue roan stallion is a black horse (aaEe or aaEE) with a single roan modifier.

Lots of different combinations possible. Knowing the colors of sire and dam of each of these potential parents and the colors of foals each has produced will help.

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According to the color calculator...

This of course is just a GUESS since we don't know the exact genetic variables... :)

Offspring Color Probability
8.79% -Buckskin

8.79% -Bay

8.79% -Bay Dun

8.79% -Bay Dun Roan

8.79% -Bay Roan

8.79% -Dunskin

8.79% -Buckskin Roan

8.79% -Dunskin Roan

2.93% -Black

2.93% -Blue Roan

2.93% -Smoky Grullo Roan

2.93% -Grullo Roan

2.93% -Smoky Black

2.93% -Smoky Blue Roan

2.93% -Smoky Grullo

2.93% -Grullo

0.78% -Chestnut

0.78% -Chestnut Roan

0.78% -Dunalino Roan

0.78% -Palomino

0.78% -Palomino Roan

0.78% -Red Dun

0.78% -Red Dun Roan

0.78% -Dunalino

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Have you though at all about the actual traits, far as ability/performance, in trying to get a match for your mare?

Not trying to be negative here, but I have a hard time understanding making color genetics your first priority, far as breeding decisions. I bred a Breed where a coat pattern is a preference (Appaloosas ), but always selected for performance ability first, with any color being the 'icing on the cake"

If your horse is very stocky, I would try an find a stud that will add some long muscles and refinement, and then look at your riding goals, ideally ,breeding like to like,

Off topic, sorry, but applicable when chosing a stallion.

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