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Some Summer Pics And An Update

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Have not been on HC in quite awhile for various reasons. Thought I would check in now and post a few pics from the past summer. Did not get my usual amount of riding in and have not been happy aoubt it all. One of my main ridng jobs downsized considerably due to a loos of a lease and my other main rdiing job on yearlings didn't materialize because we had no grass in the spring until aferr that rancher usually bought his yearlings. That's the one I really missed because love to ride them up on the moutain. Did get some riding in for other ranches and a few trail rides, so to speak.

Pics are from various rides and places.

As usual, had to take a couple of lady friends out. Went to a place called Hole in the Wall, but is not the one best known in Wyoming, which I would love to see.



Was forced to take this lovely young lady up to Blind Horse.



Looking at a set of black bear tracks in the mud.


Some random pics from a couple of rides.





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Had a bucking horse futurity here which was run by my one ranching boss, the one with the yearlings. Thought some of those pics might be enjoyable.


this one (below) is a real sunfisher.




And then the bad. the little guy below is Rusty, a two year old border collie/aussie mix that I got as a buddy for my young 3 1/2 year old golden, Tucker. Unortunatley, three weeks later, Tucker developed liver disease and after two weeks in a high tech doggie hospital and three weeks of trying to get him throught it, I had to put him down. It is the first time in 30 years I have been without a golden and it sucks. So now, I have to get a golden buddy for Rusty so we'll both have someone to paly with. Has not been a good past year, with the loss of three of my goldens, Cloudee, my all time favorite Foxtrotter mare, and having to take an eye out of Hobby. Who by the way, has adapted quite well and does great working cows. Don't need any sympathy. Life (and death) is what it is and hopefully the coming year will be better. Hoping to get more riding in this fall so may have more pics afterwhile. Hope you all have a Happy Hollow Weenie.



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Have been wondering how you were doing, I will agree life has been a bit unfair to you, So I wish you a better year next year> Glad you have found some lady friends, that still getting with you, & enjoying the scenery, & having their picture taken. Glad is adjusting well to having only one eye, but then he has gifted rider guiding him. Thanks for the pictures. Best Wishes. PD

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ALWAYS good to see your pics, and to hear you are still as grouchy as ever!! LOL!

If you need some help with the females, and need to pawn a few off, send them my way!

I'm sure my Wife would love it!! NOT!!!

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:angel3: That the turning of the season will turn your life for the better.

Rusty was sent to you at just the right time. Life is always sweeter when you have a good dog by your side.

Hobby is a sensible horse and it's great that he is out having a good old time working cattle.

I'm sure that there are lots of cowboys who would love to be a cowgirl magnet like you G.G.!

They must be turning green with envy when they see you and your lovely trail companions.

Wow, those horses sure know how to BUCK!

One of the things I miss with all the draft-cross bucking horses; is that flexibility that makes a great sunfishing bronc. It's hard to explain what it looks like to people who are used to the bigger horses in most rodeos. Your talent for capturing that perfect moment; always astounds and delights the eye!

Thank you so very much for sharing your photos of the beauty and majesty of Montana.



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It has been a while since I've been on HC myself, first thing I did was look for your post and pics. Thanks for sharing and hoping the rest of 2013 and all of 2014 is kinder to you.

Best wishes


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GG, I am wondering how you are doing. This site doesn't have much action anymore, so I am missing your posts and great pictures. Did you get another dog? Hope you are doing well.

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Great pictures!

Love those action shots, although I;m not much of a rodeo fan

I also did not get to ride in the mountains this year as often as I would have liked to. Life manages to get in the way at times!

First, the transfer case went in our 4 x 4 hauling diesel, then bad weather, followed by a wedding trip to Ontario.

Got out on an elk hunt just in the nick of time, before old Man winter made those mountain roads too tricky for me to haul horses on (already did my 'spin out on ice and get hauled backwards by the horse trailer one late fall! , that no repeat performance necessary on my part! )

Nice to see you back and hope next year is brighter for you!

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