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I Am A Top Ten Finalist! Will You Vote For Me?

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Several weeks ago my daughter, Katie, nominated me in a Facebook contest called Samsung Women of Steel. Thousands of women were nominated, and yesterday I was informed I am a top ten FINALIST.

Katie nominated me because in February, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma and with 12 rounds of chemotherapy, I beat cancer by October.

This is a really, really big contest to win a new set of Samsung stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Will you please VOTE for me once a day, until December 6th, and "share" it with your friends. The woman with the most votes will be the winner.

Here is the link:

I have heard this works better from a computer rather than a phone. If it does not work for you, will you please "search" Facebook for Samsung Women of Steel contest to vote? A search will bring it up.

My name is Connie F. and my Facebook photo is of an orange sunset.

Thank you very much.

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I know neither CG nor I post on this board too much, but if those of you who do, and have FB, be willing to go vote for her to win this contest it would be completely wonderful!

She's been a member of HC for 10 years now, and the last couple wasn't very active, as she moved states and "normal" life got in the way, but she has made her way back here several months ago, and can be found most often on the general chit-chat board.

She's a great person, and we've had many late night chats over the years. Usually she was baking something, waiting for it to bake/cool, and killing time on here, and I was procrastinating doing my college homework :P Needless to say, I *know* she will put this new kitchen to great use!

Besides, wouldn't it be super cool to help one of our own win something of this size?!

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