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Trail Riding, , And Bringing Up Children

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Now that I'm older, i like to think back on the memories my children will have, long after we are gone, trail riding with their parents, family time spent together enjoying horses and wilderness. When you get away from the phone and civilization, you can really focus on what is important in life.

From any early age, both children came with us, during the summer months, the youngest on a lead line, and the older son riding by himself. Sometimes in the fall on some hunting pack trips, we only took our oldest son, leaving Jer, who was about 5 with my in laws.

The only memories I have of my own parents and time together, was working in the tobacco fields. There was never time for a holiday

I should scan in some new pictures, but here are a few from those days







Oldest son, now (yes he has pants on! )


And, when we really 'roughed it.


Tent, with kiss the ground when you get back at night-a stove!!!!!


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Great photos Smilie!

Beautiful horses and beautiful mountains!

Love all those spotted Appys happily carrying precious cargo down the trail!

We used to go camping in the snow on land my grandfather owned next to a lake in the San Gabriel mountains when we were kids.

Everyone thought my parents were nuts.

When it was real cold and there was ice on our sleeping bags in the morning.

I thought they were nuts too.

Would have loved one of those "kiss the ground" campstoves!

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My oldest daughter rode with me on some trail ride, when younger, my oldest grandson also rode with me a bit, & then it all ended just like it did with his mom. So I might be a bit jealous of the & opportunity you had to spend horseback with family. I've spent more hours riding with other people kids than my own, two different girls, that I refer to as then third daughters. As usual, I enjoyed your pictures. PD

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My middle daughter had moved to California when she was 22, On a trip home she asked to go for a ride. So we loaded up and headed up the mountain. While riding I was asking her about her life, new boy friends etc. She had been seeing a boy kinda steady, So I asked what kind of conversations they were having. She said he had asked her a question that prompted some thought.

He had asked her what her "Best Childhood Memories were"

She said, "Dad, you can't tell mom" I assumed all the hours my wife spend at Piano, ballet, The Nutcracker that she danced in, Softball etc would be high on her list. My wife had taken each of our daughters to Rome, Paris, Germany, China and Australia before they graduated. So world travel might be an answer. But her response was, The camping trips the horses and me. ( my wife rarely rides. and I rarely fly)

So all was not wasted to take my daughters for horse rides.


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My wife took my kids on plane trips to foreign countries and I put them on horses and headed for the remote areas

Starting at a young age



They got Wet some days


And they got to see some wild flowers and shady groves


Some days they dragged pack horses and some days that got dragged by them


I worked hard at teaching them how to spot trail markers and how to find their way off the mountain if something happened to me. Also taught them what they could eat and what to avoid on the mountain


And in general how to be safe when in the outdoors.


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These are awesome pictures and stories! Thanks for sharing y'all!

The few short local rides we've brought one of my girls or my sister's... We mom's don't relax at all! Maybe I'm just too "worst case senario" parent.

My oldest niece soon to be 10 has been riding old man Toulouse every weekend. She may be the first to go on trails where we're not stung it keeping an eye on her and the horse!

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