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Saddle Question

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I also posted this in the barrel racing section but hoped someone has ridden in one on this section

Does anyone have Teskeys saddle? If so how do you like it?

My mare is turning 6 this year and her body shape changed (again!). i currently have a pro rider which i love but I noticed the last couple of rides that when i go to trot she pins her ear. Wasn't sure if it was saddle fit or due to returning to work after being off this winter (no indoor and snow/cold means occasional bareback ride) Looked at the way saddle fit and its pinching her withers. So know on to saddle hunting.

Yesterday I tried my mothers martin crown c with an 8 in gullet and its too wide. Also tried a friends barrel saddle(not sure on name) and it was tipping forward on her. Third saddle tried on was my barn owners fiances ranch cutting saddle with a buster welch tree and it fit her like a glove.

I am going to try my tex tan on her today and see if at least it fits ok in case i have to order a teskey, which custom is 6-8 weeks.

Teskeys is the only company that makes a barrel saddle with a buster welch tree. Not sure if anyone near by has one so I'm looking for opinions before I go ahead and buy one.

Thank you!!

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Several Tree Manufactures make a Buster Welch Tree, Bowden, Rod Nickels, Batie, etc.

Buster Welch Trees come in Semi-QH, Reg-QH, Full-QH and Xwide-QH, so it is not that a Buster Welch Tree fits, it just happens that the Ranch Cutiing Saddle you tried had 1 of 4 Sizes of Buster Welch Trees in it that fits your Horse. Most Ranch Cutting Saddle Brands come standard with a 6.75" Reg-QH Bar, so that may be the size you need.

When you say the Saddle flips up inthe back, that is an indication the Gullet is too wide.

These people can use a Buster Welch Tree in their Barrel Saddles if it is the Brand you like....

They have Templates and Fit Forms for testing to make sure you get the best fit for your Horse.


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