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Oiling Tack

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I am really fussy about my leather tack. some of my equipment is almost 30 years old and still looks like new.

I have 4 set of reins I cycle through plus 4 head stalls all with matching bits and other parts 30 years old.

I bought a 20 liter pail of harness oil, 5 canadian gallons, 6 1/2 American gallons for $75 from our local automotive oil supplier, they have harness oil and put it in a green recyling bin. It has wheels and a lid.

I keep it in the basement behind the furnace with a few hooks in the celing. It is oderless. I throw the pieces of leather I want to oil in the bin and let it sit for 24 hours. Fish it out with a wire coat hanger and hand it above the bin from the hook in the ceiling and let it drip dry for 24 hours and then hang it on another hook until put back in service.

For the saddles I put them on the deep freeze, dip a dish of oil out of the bin and using a wide paint brush paint the leather of the saddle wetting it thoroughly and then let it sit over night on the deep freeze to dry.

After taking the saddle of the deep freeze I use my chaps to wick up the oil off the lid and it absorbs it beautifully.

1/2 chaps are dipped quickly in the oil in the fall, drip dried for a few days over the tank and then rolled up tightly and put in a plastic bag until spring. They come out soft and l looking like new, not hard and white .

Full chaps are quickly dipped in the spring, real quick and then drip died and they too rolled and stored in plastic over the summer.

A 5 gallon pail of oil last 20 years and you can dip leather halters and head stalls for you barn buddies for $5 a piece. 48 hour turn around and the person gets back a well oiled piece.

It does darken leather but gives it a nice feel

I cycle my reins about once a month or if it rains on them they are rotated in the cycle as are the head stalls.

Keep your leather nice, keep it oiled and do it the easy way. throw it in a barrel of oil and drip dry

Good luck and with just 15 dips for your friends your oil is free.

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