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Lump Under Jaw

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drummer is 4 this year and so far hes been healthy and active. last sunday found a large very noticable lump under his jaw. It is hard and tender to the touch and i had just seen him that friday so it appeared within a day or two. he plays rough but it doesnt seem like a bite from another horse or a tick bite. it was about the size of a chicken egg now it seems bigger like a goose egg. he has no fowl smell on his breath no fever,no trouble eating, and is running and playing like normal. i talked to my vet and he does not seem very concerend told me to watch it that it may be he just has a virus and its a swollen gland that will either go away or possibly burst open. its been at least a week now with no positive change. my vet is having a super bussy week and i cant really get an appt right now unless its an emergency wich its not as of now. if it really is a swollen gland caused by a virus is there a general time frame that i should be looking for improvment? could it be something more serious? should i call back and insist on an appt even if it really ends up being nothing? i just feel like a bad horsey mommy here poor drummys got this problem and im not doing anything for him.

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