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Ata Stallion Savant

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Hi everyone!

I am needing help on finding out about any offspring sired by Savant. I am his current owner and I am looking to get his license reinstated. To have any chance I need pictures and show records for any of his offspring.

Savant (Unkenruf X Stratigie X Mahagoni) has stellar breeding and is AWS approved, but lost his provisional license with the ATA due to a perm. injury to his right stifle left him unable to attened his stallion testing.

His full brother Segi was approved, but to my knowledge is now deseasced. It is also my understanding that Savant is the only Stallion in the US by Unkenruf.

After having spoke with the ATA I need to gather as much evidence to prove he should be licensed, submit it and wait and see if they approve him.

Show records


And even letters from happy owners would be of great help! If anyone knows of a way to find or access this info I would greatly appreciate it.



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