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Trail Ride + Feral Horse Pics

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These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, in a area that has been logged, just before the mountains begin.

My adult son joined us, on a horse he has been starting for me, that is a full brother to hubby's current trial horse. I am most likely biased, but still consider my son one of the best colt starters around!. Since his real job does not include horses, I consider myself lucky when he still has the time to start one, and since he started training horses with me, ages ago, rides much like I do, so easy transfer once the horse is going well enough for a person of my age, loL

Anyway, I am riding my short horse, Carmen. We are just south of the mountainaire lodge, off of the forestry trunk road, in an area that has been logged. We came across a feral herd of horses, with some very nice looking horses int hat herd, as shown by that mare and foal

Unlike the herds of wild horses in Nevada, ours have plenty of grass, thus the hoof studies on wild horses that Jamie Jackson did, really do not apply






And, yes, both hubby's horse Rubix and his full brother Cuba have that 'real Appy tail" Just comes back to haunt any Appaloosa breeder once in awhile! On the plus side, both have great minds, feet and good whithers!

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Nice pictures, great that your son still takes time to start a young horse for you, looks like he picked a nice looking one to start. I was going to ask you about the ratty app tail, if that could skip generations & then show up again. But a good mind is alot more important than length of the tail. Neat country you have to ride in, makes my area of the wotld look pretty bland. Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes. PD

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Yes, that rat tail can skip a generation or so.

In my case, long time ago when first getting into Applaoosas, and going the the then lo gal of the ApHC, I thought that a rat tail was actually desired!

I bought a Appaloosa mare (Annie's Bright Eyes ) that had been on the track. Her sire was Bright Tiger X Bright Eyes Brother , her dam was TB. When I went to look at her, I remarked to my hubby, 'look, she even has that Appaloosa tail! " I can still remember the look that the Dad gave his son, thinking I did not notice-a look that means 'we got a live/dumb one here! '

I bred Annie to a well known Appaloosa stallion in Alberta at that time, Classic Image', who had an 'adequate tail' The result was a colt we kept as our first stud, and he had his mother's tail

I bred him in turn to an AQHA daughter of Rocky San X Peppy San, and got my performance mare, San Stone Image,w ho has a tail, and who is now 28 years old

When I bred San Stone Image to our then Appaloosa stallion, Colorado Cody (double Mighty Bright Bred ), and who had a tail to the ground, she produced offspring with very nice tails

I crossed her out to AQHA stallions a few times, and got sparse tails.

Talking to other App breeders, many noted a similar result, far as getting some of the worst expressions for a rat tail, crossing out an App with a rat tail in the background somewhere, to AQHA , TB or Arabians , who all have full tails

I have thus formulated my own idea.I believe there must be a dominant gene in Appaloosas that causes the expression of the rat tail to be suppressed. Since other breeds would not have this gene, it would allow that rat tail to be expressed in the heterozygous state. Just completely a theory on my part, with absolutely no scientific proof!

As for those three full brothers, all with rat tails out of my old gal, their sire is the last stallion we stood. He is out of the dam of Einstein and a host of others, all with tails, and by an AQHA pleasure stallion, Zippo Pine Bar bred

Thus, both parents have tails,, but for some reason, the rat tail of the dam's sire was allowed to be expressed.

Here is the dam


And here is the sire (An Irish Zippo ), as a two year old


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Smilie, I like the mare you are on, as I like the blanket with rest of the body solid, but the stud is nice looking also. There are only about 300 horses I would like to own, & I've found that I can only do justice to two at a time. PD

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Thanks, guys.!

I know what you mean, PD, far as doing justice to more than one or two horses!

I have three right now, that I try to keep ridden, but often poor Carmen falls through the cracks, only ridden occasionally, to keep her fit enough for fall hunt trips with hubby

Smilie, is as you know, dry lotted, thus I try to ride her most days

Charlie is the current horse that I am showing, plus trying to get some trail miles on, to make her a more solid and all around type horse, thus I also ride her most days

Carmen is a very nice young mare, that I still started myself three years ago.She is short, thus easy to get on from the ground, if need be,. She is also very sensible, and can walk out with the best of them.

I don't show her, plus she is turned out all night with a grazing muzzle, so can self exercise, so I guess that is my excuse for not riding her as often as I should. She is on my agenda today though, as the entire day should be condusive to riding, with lower temps during the mid day (Yes, we do get some hot days in Alberta! )

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Hey there trail people!!

Have not been here for some time, and miss ya'll!

The truth be told, I have been going out exploring in my Wrangler more this summer,

and found some NICE places to go relax, and ride.

I can't wait for the heat to cool, so I can go up to the red rock country again,

and then also go to the Southern Sierra Mtns for some fishing!!

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