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Last Mountain Ride 2014 +Pics

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Well, we made it out for a few days of elk hunting, just in the nic of time, as snow is now in the forecast

First day out it was quite cold in the morning, but warmed up nicely by noon. (dressed warm ) I ride with long johns, sweats, heavy coat, winter riding boots and good gloves, this time of year in the mountains!

I took my short horse, Carmen, and she did really well, leading most of the time, even though it was only her second time riding on a late fall hunt, that includes riding out at the crack of dawn, after standing tied all night.

First picture shows her saddled, waiting to ride out for the day. Hubby is riding his horse Rubix Saw two herds of elk, but they both had bulls that were only 5 points, thus not legal, needing 6 points





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