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It Has Been A While. Update!

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It's been a long time since I have been on here. Life gets busy and such but I had a huge breakthrough with my boy so I thought I would share some pictures. My drummy is 5 now almost 6 and I have put in a lot of time and effort into this horse. Well after having a fall that left me very sore but not hurt bad (the accident was my fault) I had taken a break from trail riding and worked on some diffrent stuff with him. Well last week we went camping! First time he had been out on the trails since I fell. It was the best mini vacation ever! I went with some friends and experienced horse people who really helped set us both up for sucess. We had a gallop across an open field (no happy bucks or hijinks) went through water like a champ,crossed train tracks (he's never even seen tracks) we even had the train come past us on the other side of the stream and was great! I could not be more proud of this horse. He did however drive me crazy in his little paddock. First he was bored and took the gate off the hinge acted like he had no idea who could have done that. Then played with his buckets endlessly until I found an empty tea jug for him to play with for a bit. He is a dog in a horse body. Now I have to remember how to post my pics!

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