Finally, I Have A Horse Again!

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So, years ago, I used to hang out at the KOBB...but then that board died...and then I realized I'm not a kid here I am...


I'm so excited, you guys! I found a place half a mile down the road to board him, and I found my DREAMhorse.

Granted, he's a bit of a project. For starters, most of what they told me wasn't true, and he was a bit neglected:

His hooves were desperate for a trim.

His teeth were crazy sharp.

His fecal came back as a "heavy load" of parasites.

His had the second-largest bean the vet had ever cleaned out of a sheath.

3/4 of those have been solved now, and he's pending his second dose of dewormer (as prescribed by the vet) to fix the worms.

He's going to be a whole new man!!!

I'm just glad that he's in a home where he'll be loved and cared for now, and I can't wait for all the adventures we'll have. Next week is my first year of classes in my fourth year at the local university, and I'm so excited to finally be joining the equestrian club. Plus, I live about a mile from a popular local riding trail, the fairgrounds where all the shows are held, AND my best friend who also has horses and has a horse trailer that she's willing to haul me in. It's the perfect location!

Alright, it's time for me to stop rambling and give you guys what you actually want - pictures. First, his stats -

Name: Major

Age: 16 years old

Height: 17hh

Breed: Belgian

Personality: TEDDY BEAR

Meet Major!








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Congratulations on new horse, never seen a belgium roan like that, but it looks good on him. Happy Trails & Best Wishes. PD

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Slow to join, but glad to see your back in the horses! You've had a busy past couple years! But, he looks great! Love the color on him (I too never seen a Belgian that color)! What will you be showing/competing in?

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I had a neighbor who logged with a roanie. Old boy died about 6 years ago. The horse, not the man. He uses a big draft mule now.

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Congrats I so can't wait to get a horse again I miss owning a horse so bad glad I got back in touch with a good friend of mine and I'm going to start riding hers and helping her out

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