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Are You Searching For Old Photos From Your Off-The-Track Horse's Racing Career?

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                                                        (thought I would start a modern thread on this subject, in case I might be able to help interested parties)




In case you have an OTTB, or a QH or even some recent Arabians/Paints who raced, and are interested in eventually finding a winner's circle photo for your horse, I might be able to help.

I would need the registered name of your horse and with that I can determine whether or not he/she raced and won. IF indeed your horse won at some point in the past, then there may be a winner's circle photo out there that you would be delighted to have.

This would most likely involve taking the free info that I match to your horse, and then seeking the "track photographer" who might still have the ability to make a print for you.

If you happen to have some key elements of the pedigree of your horse, but not the registered name, there is a chance that I can take the info that you have and at least narrow down the possibilities.

Much of your success rate for the photos will depend on the age of your horse at present. If your off-the-track Thoroughbred is aged 10 or less, AND if s/he ever won a race, it should be very likely that you will be able to purchase a photo (from the track photographer at the track where your horse won) after a short while*.

(*meaning: once you give me the registered name/info/year of birth if you know it... AND once I respond with the dates/tracks where your horse won, AND after you contact the track photographer with that info)

My e-mail address is and I will attempt to check back with this thread periodically to see if anyone has responded with info here.

In order for people to be assisted in this way, this thread NEEDS TO STAY HERE AT Horse City.

I'm just trying to help young people with new pleasure horses get a little memento from their horse's past. Is there anything so wrong with doing that for no charge??? 

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admin more or less killed the boards.  thank you for your efforts though!!

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