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I Have A Question.....excessive Yawning.

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I've googled various answers and none really relate.

An odd question but here goes!

Since as long as I can remember, Coblet has always been an excessive yawner. I've known him since he was born, took him home as a yearling and have been with him every day since.

I've just put it down to bring his wierd habit and one and only own 'quirk'. I've analysed him when he does it-in the field/stable/tied up/anywhere- and he certainly doesn't look stressed doing it, ears forwards and relaxed (quite often a little 'too' happy and relaxed in the manhood department!).

He has his teeth done every 6 months routinely with never any issues.

I can do him bitted or bitless no different. He has a shaped myler type snaffle all the time now and just been in simple bits before that too, never anything fancy.

He has physio check ups rountinely and sports massage monthly. No sore spots or any major issues there.

Diet wise, he's on copra meal so low starch/sugar etc and has a general balancer. And ad-lib hay or out on grass during day as normal. Not girthy etc or shows any digestive discomfort.

He's always forwards and happy to work. We had a slight spooky stage as a 4yo for a few weeks but just typical baby stuff. In full work now, quite well schooled and has a varied life! Definitely never bored.

I'm always curious as to why he likes to yawn so much. I don't really understand it and just wondered if you had any thoughts? Could there be an issue causing it? Is it a stud thing? Or just a wierd habit he's caught onto now? I'm

(I don't think I helped things either by creating the 'tongue game' out of it.....his favourite game is sticking his tongue out and tries to get you to grab it. He's a wierdo. People wonder why he stands there pulling funny faces sticking his tongue out at them ????)

I'm not overly stressing as he doesn't seem distressed in any way, but I am always curious if there is something causing it. I'd hate to be missing something. I've never really known one to yawn so much lol.

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My horse does this too, NN, and always has. At first I was concerned because I knew it can be caused by ulcers and sometimes colic. But he's very healthy, has never had colic and is never without food, so I doubt he has ulcers. If you google it you find vets don't know either. And there are many theories. I decided not to worry about it. And I've never grabbed my horse's tongue, so I doubt you caused it, LOL.

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That racehorse Seabuiscit spent hours and hours sleeping. Didn't seem to cause him any problems-quite the contrary. Don't think this qualifies as a Stall vice.

I do know a horse that yawned excessively and suddenly for about 15 minutes during a circus trick course and that was a visible release of tension. In all the video footage we've seen of Coblet I've never, ever seen him looking "tense" ????.

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