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Forum Updates Monday, November 21!

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Please expect some downtime for the forums on Monday, November 21. We are going to be performing some maintenance and upgrades on the forum that we hope will only take a few hours, but please bear with us if it takes longer.


There will be a few changes that you may notice:

1) The look of the forums will change. 
2) Currently we have both user names and display names; display names will be going away with the upgrade. 
3) The "Friends" system will be replaced with "Followers". The main difference is that when a friendship is requested, it goes both ways. If you friend someone, they have you listed as a friend as well and get notifications about your activities and you about theirs. With the followers system, you have the ability to follow someone else on the forums and they don't automatically follow you back. In order to NOT spam everyone's inbox with new follower notifications, we're going to be resetting this system. When you login for the first time, you will not be "following" anyone. 
4) We'll be mobile friendly! You'll have a much better time viewing the forums on your phones and tablets when you're aware from your computer.
5) The search feature has been revamped, so if you're trying to find an old thread- this process should be easier.
6) Photo uploads should be fixed. We'll be testing this out, but if you run into any issues- please let us know.


In addition to these things, there will be some small quality of life fixes and some great new security features. We're hoping that this creates a better environment for everyone!


The first time that you login after the upgrade is complete, you should be able to login with your username and same password. Some users may be prompted to change their password, and some people may have to perform a full-on password reset to get back in. If you can't access your normal account after the update, please create a new account and let us know so we can try to get you back in!

Thanks everyone!

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