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New Forums - Check In & Usernames

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Hey all - quick introduction. I'm Keso, the web monkey behind the scenes who helps Xanthus out from time to time.

I dropped in to check on things after the forums change, and noticed a few common comments/complaints so I thought I'd drop in and address them.

1) The display name/username hiccup
This worked out for some folks, and messed some others up. I've gone in and turned on the ability to change your display name - please note, this may also change your login name! You can currently change your display name once every 60 days. There is also a display name history that will be visible to users and moderators.

To update your display name: In the upper right corner you should see your name. Click on that, and go into the Account Settings. In the little menu that appears on the left, you should see a tab for "Profile Name". Click on that, and enter your new name and save!

2) The speed of the site
Short Version: Give it a few days!

Long Version: When we performed this upgrade, we basically brought in a whole new system. The new system now has to go back through all the posts and index them, so that it knows where things are. This process started last Tuesday morning, and as of right now- it is 93% of the way done. You guys have created a LOT of posts! I'm expecting that this process will finish up sometime tomorrow, but then there are a few other things it will have to go back through and index. Once the indexing process is done though, the forum speed should increase. If it doesn't, let us know and I'll talk to our provider about it and see what's happening.

3) Uploading images - sizing
I'm not sure why some people are having trouble uploading images right now because they're too big; we don't have any limits configured. This may be a byproduct of the background processes where the site is just sort of overwhelmed. If people are still having issues in a week, I'll get a ticket into the forums people and ask them what's up!



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