Arthritic Barrel Horse??

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Hi! I currently own a 9 year old QHxArab mare. She has arthritis in her pasterns and it is to the point me vet wants me to put her on bute and a joint supplement. I've had her for 6 months. Personally, I feel that a horse that has to be on bute to run shouldn't be run. Opinions? I am very competitive and I fear that all the races will cause excessive damage on her pasterns. I've considering selling her so she can find a kid (very good with kids) to spend a while with. I just do not want to be responsible for diminishing her quality of life.

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I think you are being realistic and progressive about her chances of being competitive at barrels.  So many would run their horses into the ground because that's the horse they have and the owner wants to run barrels, so barrels they run.  I don't agree with masking pain with medication and then doing things I know could cause the horse more damage.  That is not a horseman, to me.  I applaud you for putting your horse's health and well-being first.

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