How do you find/buy your hay?

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Hi  Hay Everyone!

I wanted to see how everyone here finds and buys their hay....

I created an app called 'Hay Map' for iPhones & Androids as well as a desktop version. My goal is to connect hay buyers & sellers together across the US and make it easier to find hay when droughts or severe rains hit or split loads of alfalfa or timothy with locals in need of the same type of hay to get better prices and better quality hay. We've built a rating system into our service to know who to and who not to deal with.

Some of the various ways I myself have used and seen others use are Facebook, Craigslist, Classified Ads, various websites and county extension agents or grow their own hay.

So how do you find the hay you need? You can check out our service at www.haymap.com 




HayMap Flyer.png

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