Opinions on these dog breeds?  

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  1. 1. Pitbulls?

    • Worst dog breed
    • Best dog breeds
    • Idk
  2. 2. Rottweilers?

  3. 3. Boxers?

  4. 4. Pomeranians

  5. 5. Huskies?

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I'm not breed-specific in my dislikes. I simply don't care for dogs who are allowed to bark non-stop, or cause trouble for others.

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Pitbulls aren't bad. It depends on how you raise them. My friend has a pitbull and it's the nicest dog ever. I know people have different opinions on Different dogs but what I am trying to say is any dog can be aggressive but it doesn't mean all of that breed is.

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I don't like you poll. Best Worst or IDK? I don't have a favorite breed but there are some breeds I dislike. None of my dislike has to do with aggression or tendencies towards aggression. 

I like working, herding and sporting dogs for the most part. I have a 4.5lb Chihuahua I adore though and I currently have a Dalmation who doesn't fit into any of the groups I tend to stick with. Love my Dal!


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