My pets... (Pictures included)

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Casper (cat) ((all white, blue eyes. Breed:Turkish Angora))

Franklyn (cat) ((grey/black/brownish Tabby))

Zoey (dog) ((brown with a patch of white on chest. Breed:Boxer))

Bella (dog) ((mixture of different shades of brown. Breed: Pomeranian.

Denis (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a green shell. [MY BROTHER NAMED HIM THIS]))

Alex (Hermit Crab) ((red hermit crab with a yellow shell. [My brother also named that one.]))

My animals that have died :(

Scooter (cat) ((all black [a tiny barely noticeable patch white on chest] with yellow eyes. We think the breed was Bombay Cat))

Dakota (dog) ((brown with a patch of white on chest. Breed:Boxer))

Swiper (cat) (orange and white Tabby. I forget his eye color. [PS. I was like 5 around that time when we got him and at the time I also like Dora so I named him swiper xD]))

Oreo (Gerbil) (I think she was a black and white Gerbil. I forget the eye color)

Coco (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab in a cream shell))

Blaze (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a Spider-Man shell....)) [My brother picked out that one]

Ocean (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a red sparkling shell))

Romen (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a green shell))

Little bear (ferret) ((I think he was a brownish with a white stomach. I forget the eye color))

There was one more ferret I forgot her name, but I think she was either all white or all brown. 

(((Also I do not have pictures of the ferrets, gerbil, or swiper))

IMG_20171114_155205_149.thumb.jpg.e359a6b54c3423ddc370b51b91000fc6.jpgBlaze /\

IMG_20170927_061811207.thumb.jpg.76c0ba208700806bf4bbdbfc50f24ef0.jpgRomen /\

IMG_20171118_162815580.thumb.jpg.c962d0a40701e3483fb9c317a626206a.jpgCoco /\

IMG_20170927_061802328.thumb.jpg.28477ba16ccd453ddcb82297c679ddfd.jpgOcean /\

Screenshot_20171116-071234.thumb.png.ed1ef9c14c5f931d3d607319d973ab92.pngScooter /\ ((sorry about the Instagram thingy))

Snapchat-110615621.thumb.jpg.29475b7bb5e474931c80ccdb9e4ad1c5.jpgDakota /\

15111021695551588728810.thumb.jpg.6ef11f1293f443cbe58bf942a2b968e6.jpgAlex /\15111020292571222976229.thumb.jpg.a24bd7ec498dd61fdbf5d39b5509c46f.jpgDenis /\IMG_20171021_101237589.thumb.jpg.ab2e01d8730140ce288874962f2feb2b.jpgCasper /\IMG_20171110_142824264.thumb.jpg.e276a9e92ff2fd3a942db1b510c94c1c.jpgFranklyn /\IMG_20171118_211904045.thumb.jpg.da9bec89a0e7b208538b8a1ef1462270.jpgZoey /\IMG_20171022_211151991.thumb.jpg.5ca3324c9579bc4a392523866e27d74b.jpgBella /\

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