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Colt starter?

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You all know about my gelding that had some hiccups last summer in training. I ended up sending him to a colt starter who did help him quite a bit. He just took him back to basics. I let him spend 30 Days there and then brought him home and rode for about a month. He has been off work since October and I know come this spring we will be starting all over again. Since I will be starting my daycare soon I decided to send him away for training. I would have sent him to the last guy but he was really expensive and gone a lot. Paid a lot for board for a horse not being ridden:(

Im thinking the best route to go is to stick with a very skilled colt starter. Do you all think this would be the best route to go with a young horse that did not have the best start but is still showing promise? 

And there are some photos of him playing for you enjoyment. 





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If you like the trainer that did the initial work, maybe continue with them?  However, at this point, perhaps you need to ride the horse at the trainer's and let him get you going.  If you won't be in a position to ride him during or after training, perhaps wait on the training until you do have time?  Starting your own business is a big time commitment.  

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