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Indoor Riding Arenas

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I wanted to see who here has built an indoor riding arena and could share their experience.  I know I want to be able to put one up in the near future but what does it cost?  My husband thinks it will cost 100,000 and I don't agree.  We saved a lot of money on the initial horse barn doing a good part of the work ourselves.  A friend has a 60 x 80 indoor built by Morton Buildings and she said it was like $60,000 and they don't even have sand and all you can do is ride in a circle.  I just have a private barn so don't need something huge but yet not too small.  Any input would be great full!  I just can't be happy the rest of my life owning horses and not being able to ride half the year just because of the weather.  We have a huge outdoor arena but its either too muddy or its winter.  

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