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the story behind conners pink shirt

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OK back in Nov/dec of last year I contacted a group of Indy wrestlers that preform at the local community college. Little did I know it was run by a close childhood friend that I hadn't seen in over 15 years but we were tight as kids. Anyhow conner wanted  to go and its pretty cheap entertainment so I bought tickets and watched these goofy guys serval I grew up around wrestle. Conner feel in love lol Shyanna even got into it!  I started helping pass out flyers and getting radio shows to do ticket give always etc. Well conners favorite wrestler wore a pink shirt in the flyer I was passing out . the shirt read " I madlke this shirt look good . conner told me mom I'd look better . I dared him to tell my wrestler friend that. Conner then came IP with the idea for his shirt. I'll add pics of the shirt and the flyer .



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