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Trump making friends with our enemies and alienating our allies

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I’m sure some of us followed the catastrophic proceedings at the recent G7 gathering of world trade partners in Canada.  After behaving like a bully and a boor to our closest allies, not only in trade, our POTUS waltzed off to Singapore to cozy up to a country who has no natural resources, a starving and traumatized population, and a national currency that is worthless.   North Korea and that lunatic despot Kim Jong Un but of course.  A close second on the stupidity scale is of course his bromance with Putin, arguably also a lunatic despot and, yes, also the leader of a country whose currency is also worthless.  You don’t see hordes of people eager to buy lots of rubles.

not even sure this is discussion worthy, the epic self-destructiveness is so self evident. Token bit of humor (got to grab any drop of water in a desert), Fox News commentary as the POTUS was disembarking in Singapore for the meeting with his (equally) insane twin, “this is history in the making.  No matter what happens this meeting—wait for it—between these TWO DICTATORS”.  I think that’s been the most accurate reporting we’ve seen from FOX news in years!!

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