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Solo got ridden last night!

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He did indeed! He's having a week off as I have the battle of Hastings this weekend so will be away for a few days and working lates at work.... So he's just chilling and having a reflection on everything that's happened over the last couple of weeks. 


So far he's still keen to work and more interested in playing or creating some form of work. I put the tarp out with him loose in the arena tonight..... Where does he go.... Straight on top of it! Anything scary or out of place apparently means he has to investigate to see if treats appear miraculously haha. Flapped it about up at him whilst he was stood on it, didnt care. Covered him in it over his back after, didn't care. He's gone from the most nervous little horse to the bravest. 


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I'm looking forward to your pictures of the Battle of Hastings. I think I know how it will turn out. :P

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Other than one scarily high vertical rear followed by walking a 360 circle on his back legs on the first battle day (I have new found respect for the power of that horse now, any other horse should have flipped over the height he got with the unexpected added weight of my armour)..... Other than that one hairy moment he was absolutely brilliant. Attacked the shield wall and did awesome formation cavalry work. Though he did take a bloody good hold on the 24 horse line cavalry charge. 24 horses in a line shoulder to shoulder galloping is something else. Especially with a ditch to go over halfway. 


Anyway. It was incredible and definitely nothing like anything I've ever done. 
















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I LOVED the pics, especially because I could pick out you and your Coblet!  How long did it take you to get used to riding with a helmet that has a spoon in front of your nose?

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